Vertical Rotary Cartoner

A vertical rotary cartoner is a machine that fills up to 80 cartons per minute. It utilizes a special carton feeder that positively erects the cardboards into the buckets. It has an integrated suction cup that holds the cartons in place. It is easy to use and can accommodate cartons from 2" to 15" in height. The machine also has a spare station for manual loading and coding.

The VRC-60 is a fully automatic cartoning machine that features industry-first innovations and maximizes the flexibility of the equipment. The 12-position indexer provides high speed and can generate 60 cartons per minute. The compact footprint and stainless steel cladding keep the machine's overall footprint small and low-maintenance. The VRC-60 is also easy to clean and maintain. You will need only a small footprint for the unit to avoid damaging the surrounding area.

The VRC-60 is an industrial-strength vertical rotary cartoner with a patented, continuous motion mechanism. Its advanced components achieve superior repeatability and reliability, while maximizing equipment versatility. The machine's high speed is derived from its 12-position indexer and can generate up to 60 cartons per minute. The turn-table design also accommodates coding and inspection. Its footprint is one meter by three feet, so it's easy to install. Visit for more info. 

If you're looking for a low-cost vertical rotary cartoner, the VRC-60 is a good choice. Its compact design saves valuable floor space and saves money. The stainless steel frame and cladding make it durable and attractive. The VRC-60 weighs 350 kilograms (770 lbs.) This makes it an economical choice for small businesses. Its capabilities and features are also excellent for manufacturing and packaging food items.

The VRC-60 is an industry-leading vertical rotary cartoner. It has a 12-position indexer and 60 cartons per minute. This model is an economical choice for small-to-medium-sized businesses that need to save floor space and money. The vertical rotary cartoner can be used to package Nespresso style capsules. It can also be used to package other small corrugated products. This model can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

The VRC-60 is a tabletop model that is a fully automatic vertical rotary cartoner. It features industry-first innovations in design and performance, including an innovative 12-position indexer. It generates 60 cartons per minute. Its turn-table design allows for a variety of applications. Its compact footprint allows for flexible installation. Its coding and inspection capabilities will complement your line. Its lightweight, space-saving design makes it ideal for small operations.

A vertical rotary cartoner from Nuspark is a Swiss filling and sealing machine that can process up to 60 packages per minute. The VRC-60 has twelve stations, each with a unique function. It is capable of handling various sizes and loading options. Moreover, it features suction cups on the bottom of each station to prevent friction between the rails and scuffing of the cartons. There are also many other benefits to a vertical rotary cartoner. Find out more at

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