Vertical Rotary Cartoner

A vertical rotary cartoner is a machine used for packaging products. It can form, load and seal small-format vertical end-load cartons. Its design is ergonomic, and it can change over quickly. A high-speed model is ideal for businesses with a small number of employees. A horizontal version is more affordable, but it lacks the features of a rotary cartoner. The RRC-80 is a good option if you need to produce a large number of small-format vertical end-load cartons, and is designed to fill larger quantities of product.

The VRC-60 vertical rotary cartoner is an automatic, high-speed packaging machine. Its speed can reach up to 60 cartons per minute. It can also save floor space and money because it can be operated without the use of a gantry. Its stainless steel frame and cladding make it durable and attractive. This model is easy to transport and can fit in a small footprint. The VRC-60 offers a wide variety of configurations and features.

The VLC-70 is a table-top cartoner that can be used for low-volume production runs. Its stainless-steel frame and cladding make it a good choice for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Its advanced features allow for automatic coding, inspection, and smashed-raspberry- and cereal-flakes-content-level grading.

The VLC-70 is an industry-first vertical rotary cartoner. With a multi-position indexer, this machine achieves superior reliability and repeatability while maximizing the versatility of the packaging line. Its compact footprint is ideal for a low-speed production run and features a high-speed turntable for product loading, leaflet/promo feeding, and coding. A VLC-70 can be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

A vertical rotary cartoner is a versatile packaging machine that requires minimal maintenance. Its tabletop design and stainless-steel cladding make it an excellent choice for low-speed production runs. The VLC-70 has an advanced coding system, a large footprint, and a multi-position indexer. The VLC-70 can generate 70 cartons per minute. There are three options to choose from:

The VLC-70 is a high-speed vertical line-cartoner, with a unique multi-position indexer. Its high-speed turns are important for ensuring quality and consistency. The VLC-70 is a versatile machine with features such as a low-pressure air tank, a turntable, and inspection. A table-top vertical rotary cartoner has a footprint of 2m (6'x3') X1m (7.3'). Keep these in mind when choosing the right vertical cartoner for your needs. 

Nuspark is another popular vertical rotary cartoner, with a high-speed of 60 packages per minute. It can handle various types of packaging, including bottles and cans. A modular design allows it to be easily adapted and reconfigured. This type of machine has spare stations and can accommodate different carton sizes. A 12-station vertical rotary cartoner is a versatile cartoner, and can be customized to accommodate many different types of containers. For more on single serve packaging, go here.

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